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We are a professional traveling couple, sharing our experiences, insights, and lessons as we go. We are both committed to health and wellness practices that we not only take with us all over the world, but also incorporating what we learn along the way. 

What We Do

Notebook and Pen

Every day holds new and unique adventures for us. Enjoy our reflections here!

Yellow Flower

Coaching, Medical Qigong, Positive Intelligence, and Courses


Products we love and made with kindness in mind.

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Check out our itineraries, suggestions, tips, and tricks!

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Our recommendations for books that open your world and inspire!

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All of our favorite things from

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About James

Medical Qigong, Coaching, Writer

Just another human being living, loving, and exploring this life. I practice Medical Qigong along with Mental/Health and Wellness coaching. Those are tools, but really, it's all about doing my part to build a better world for all of us. Step inside, lean a little bit more, and join me on this amazing journey. 

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About Shaine

Coach, Vlogger, Digital Creator

I'm fascinated by the human experience. How I and others choose what's most aligned with our joy and what is stopping us all from experiencing our greatest happiness. I guide my clients through what I call "whole human" health coaching. Meaning I don't lead with diet and exercise. My focus starts with self-belief, mental fitness, relationships, environment, work harmony, and spiritual wellness. I enjoy this practice as I travel, enjoy nature, experience culture, and follow my own joy!

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