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Nature: A Prescription For Health

Updated: Sep 11

Nature, its all around us. Even in the densest urban centers there is green space that can be utilized. For most of us being in a forest, meadow, strolling along a river, or walking around a lake is within a short driving distance. It’s time we start taking more advantage of these centers for healing.

Is there really anyone who doesn’t feel better after strolling along the beach, through a mountain valley, or walking through a meadow of wild flowers? The beauty of nature, and our experience within it, naturally makes us feel better. Now the science to back the health benefits of being in nature is coming to light. At just the right time don’t you think?

There is a rapidly growing body of research showing that spending time in nature has a significant impact on our health; both physiological and psychological health. Studies have shown that spending time in nature can help with depression, ADHD, anxiety, stress, boost the immunes system, cardiovascular improvement, blood pressure, and slow the heart rate to name a few benefits. This magical elixir is right outside our front door so don’t wait.

If you think this is a joke then consider that Forest Schools have long been a tradition in Scandinavia. Oregon recently passed a ballot to raise money for Forest schools and the state of Washington just became the first state to license outdoor preschools. Forest

Therapy is real and becoming more and more recognizable. There is even a certification for it.

Our natural environment is so important to our health and wellbeing. Modern society has done its best to disconnect us, to make nature something we are separate from. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Nature is our most accessabile prescription for health without all the side effects.

We just have to drink it. Let us not only get outside and reconnect with nature, but also protect and preserve it. For as more and more research is showing, the health of the natural environment and our health are in a symbiotic relationship. While nature works on behalf of our health let us do the same for nature.

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