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The 30 Day Myth

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Why "30 Days" to anything is putting unrealistic pressure on us all...

The 30 Day Myth

Part of Health and Wellness involves fitness. We are not talking about the fitness has defined by Hollywood, Models, Professional Athletes, or the Media. Instead, we are looking at fitness from the perspective of the everyday life of the every day individual.

Most of us have busy lives. No one pays us to work out. It’s just not a part of our work. For most, fitness is something that is worked in between busy careers, children, social activities, relationships, marriages and anything else you can imagine. Personal fitness is often the first thing dropped in favor of everything else life is handing us. As a result, we have seen the explosion of the get fit quick trend. Often you find it on the cover of fitness magazines that guarantee a 30 – day transformation.

Real fitness takes consistent effort. It is an essential part of our health and doesn’t relate to simply lifting weights or running. Fitness is a lifestyle that is an essential ingredient to overall health and wellness. It is not a 30-day let’s get ready for summer gig. Other key components are good nutrition and proper rest. To see and maintain real results in your fitness the old model is true; exercise, diet, and sleep are all equally important.

Good for models, actors, and professional athletes. They have careers where fitness is a part of their job. For most of us that is not the case. We are swamped with everyday life. This, however, does not diminish the need to make our fitness a priority. Fitness leads to good health, can help achieve better emotional health, greater mental clarity, and allows us to enjoy life to the fullest.

True fitness is a lifestyle that is maintained for a lifetime. It is not about looking good for others or fitting into an unrealistic image. Let us all acknowledge and accept that as human’s we all come in vastly different shapes and size; all of which are beautiful. Stop allowing media images and unrealistic cultural ideals to hold you back. You are awesome and deserve to be fit and healthy.

While there are various scientific models to measure fitness, the goal is to be healthy. Being ripped, a certain size, or having the scale read a certain number doesn’t automatically imply being fit or healthy.

Fitness is about you feeling good, being healthy. It is about you being able to enjoy life on your terms. Fitness is a primary ingredient on the road to a balanced lifestyle. Mythology is great to read but not very real. Just like 30 days to good health.

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